sometimes words have two meanings
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What if a pregnancy test just said:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol. 2   (via dispnea) quoted,
"I’m tired
of being tired
of being tired
of being."

"I want to call you and ask you
if you remember the first time we
kissed and how you sighed and smiled
and told me I tasted like coffee and
the entire galaxy
I want to ask you if you remember
the first night we spent together
and how we barely touched each
other but you pushed my hair out of
my eyes and told me you loved me
and suddenly we were the world 
I want to ask you if you remember 
the sound of my voice and that 
time it rained so hard that our
tears washed away and you held
me so tightly I think we melted 
into each other
I want to call you and ask you if 
you still love me
but I can’t remember your phone 


please don’t tease carnivorous plants like this!!!! it takes enormous amounts of their energy to dissolve the insects that they need to survive and it takes days to process them!!! when you do this you’re wasting all of their energy and pretty much starving them!!!!!

it’s a fuckin’ plant jesus christ